Dog Wedding

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Viruses, as you probably experienced yourselves, strike at the worst time. So imagine my disappointment on a wedding shooting day when I wake up groggy and miserable. You cannot realistically call off the event, so filed up with king of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Paracetamol, I grab my gears and ride to the “Make up and Hair […]


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A very short lay-over does not give many oportunities to discover a big city like New York. We got started in Brooklyn (High Street station) and made our way to Battery Park by foot, crossing the East River on Brooklyn Bridge. Roads, cables and glass panels were all like lines, stretching in all directions. I […]

Wedding Crashers

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During our layover in New York city, we jumped right into a wedding photo-shoot. I had chosen to spend the day with my faithful Nikkor 85mm f1.8 that I cherish for my portraits, The occasion could not be missed and i shot few pics along the official photographer in the middle of Time Square!

City of God

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Since we spent more than 2 weeks on the best coastal landmarks of Brazil,, Rio was not going to be about sunbathing or endless walk on Copacabana or Ipanema beaches. The other reason for a completely different perspective was the accommodation we had chosen. In order to keep our stay on the cheap side, we […]

Being Human

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Travel brochures advertise their destinations through their landscapes rather than their inhabitants. When I travel, I want the human experience, meet people, understand the way they choose to live and why they do so. This was on the wrong side of my “pro / con” sheet when contemplating a visit in Brazil, because the best way […]

Easy Rider

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I wish this post was about my personal experience in discovering USA on a two wheeled motor vehicle but it’s only about people here in Brazil who seem to enjoy using all sorts of bikes (motorised or not). I remember Bali being full of these moppeds, people using them 3, 4 or even five at […]

The Island

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This destination was highly recommended by all guides and previous visitors. Ilha Grande… The big Island… not much of imagination when naming fabulous places like this one! Paradise like beaches, deep forest trails and to top it up, no car nor motor vehicle! (except for firemen, garbage pickers, paramedics and police). I was told that […]

The Lazarus Effect

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It’s back to life! So must have spoken the witnesses of the Lazarus resurrection. I shouted the very same words when, as I was packing my bag, I decided to try inserting a battery in my deeply sleeping D300… (see previous post for full story!) Whatever truth there was in the web forums, 36 hours […]

The Beach

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I know i wrote a little about Recife and Pernambuco already, but beaches are the main reason people get to that warm part of the south american continent so I thought I could add pictures showing the best of them. This is also the place to mention how fond of beach life Brazilian people are. […]

Land of the Blind

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Blind… this is how I feel right now! my faithful camera is out of commission! So much for keeping you all up to date with my Brazilian photographic quest! The day was to be enjoyed as much as all of them for the last 2 weeks. A nice 2 hours trek in the untouched Atlantic forest […]