Paris with Love

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I visited Paris several times when younger and never really cared about landmarks. I was then more focused on shopping movie theaters or visiting museums. The challenge was to spend one full day and cover as much ground as possible. I started Place de la Nation but it was more of a work site than a […]

Dark around the Stars

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One living in a big city is de facto excluded from the clubs of star gazers as the myriads of celestial objects to be elsewhere looked upon are hidden by the glowing ugly lights of our dwellings and luxurious retail units. One can still be very interested or even passionate about the big universe  surrounding us […]

The Shape Of Water

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I was never passionate about landscape photography. I do like a good or better… amazing photography of  a place but as a photographer, I always felt that whatever beautiful site was in front of me, it was also in front of thousands or even millions of other photographers who would do it more justice! I […]

I Saw The Light…

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End of year holiday was once again an opportunity to spend time shooting different kind of pictures. Since I shoot kids in school most of the year, landscape would be a easy choice. I also wanted to try venturing in less known territories and decided to try unusual lighting conditions. First occasion was given by […]


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I spent way too much time investigating the flat earth community and the associated debunking articles and videos over the last few months and came across this rather clear and logical explanation of a “Superior Mirage”. I did not think at the time that I would be lucky enough to witness such a phenomenon with […]


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A very short lay-over does not give many oportunities to discover a big city like New York. We got started in Brooklyn (High Street station) and made our way to Battery Park by foot, crossing the East River on Brooklyn Bridge. Roads, cables and glass panels were all like lines, stretching in all directions. I […]

City of God

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Since we spent more than 2 weeks on the best coastal landmarks of Brazil,, Rio was not going to be about sunbathing or endless walk on Copacabana or Ipanema beaches. The other reason for a completely different perspective was the accommodation we had chosen. In order to keep our stay on the cheap side, we […]

Being Human

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Travel brochures advertise their destinations through their landscapes rather than their inhabitants. When I travel, I want the human experience, meet people, understand the way they choose to live and why they do so. This was on the wrong side of my “pro / con” sheet when contemplating a visit in Brazil, because the best way […]

Easy Rider

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I wish this post was about my personal experience in discovering USA on a two wheeled motor vehicle but it’s only about people here in Brazil who seem to enjoy using all sorts of bikes (motorised or not). I remember Bali being full of these moppeds, people using them 3, 4 or even five at […]

The Island

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This destination was highly recommended by all guides and previous visitors. Ilha Grande… The big Island… not much of imagination when naming fabulous places like this one! Paradise like beaches, deep forest trails and to top it up, no car nor motor vehicle! (except for firemen, garbage pickers, paramedics and police). I was told that […]