North by Northwest

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Summer is supposed to show up in a month time but the cold air blowing on the heath rather reminds of November. I stroll in Hampstead heath trying to work on my composition skills… by far my weakest ones! A grey sky gives me the opportunity to focus on the greeneries and the scars left […]

An olympic taste…

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My workplace these days is nothing if not in an Olympic mood! after Stephane Caron visiting primary school pupils, a retired French handball national team captain visited the secondary school. Olivier Girault was in Beijing with the team that brought back the gold medal in 2008. The guy may be retired but trust me, still […]

Polling station @ CFBL

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For the first time of its history, CFBL was part of the democratic process in becoming a gathering point for thousand of French electors. Early birds made it quick to the 6 polling stations but queuing started outside the premises from midday. Rain invited itself but did not discouraged the frogs from their civic duty! […]

Joomla! Vs WordPress

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So many people wrote about it… I decided I would try one, then the other. It”s all about real needs, and as long as blogging is all you do WordPress is top notch but as soon as you want to enjoy eye candy slideshows or drop down menus, Joomla! has got it all in the […]

Getting There…

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After fiddling for hours with alternative themes, I am back with the original “Twenty Eleven”… I just wish I could tweak colours and border sizes but this is for tomorrow!!! I read a lot about child themes and I am ready to take that road! In the mean time, no more flickr gallery plugin but a complete Flickr […]

Simplicity and Elegance VS plugins nightmare

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As much as I am amazed and humbled by WordPress power and user friendliness, I feel like building a tower with unstable elements I have no control upon! Should I start reading and experimenting PHP or HTML 5 mysteries? Or should I keep downloading and activating multiple already written plugins that with luck will give my web […]

Sport Relief Day

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A lot of work accomplished by the CFBL kids and their teachers to be part of a nationwide event! I spent the afternoon documenting this team work and good spirit display. If you were part of this event and want to preview the pictures taken there, go to the other front end of Oazifoto

Wedding Reception Pictures

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When a bunch of colleagues join a wedding reception, certainties disappear as liquor flows. If, for the best or for the worst, you were a guest at this reception, check your pictures on the other Oazifoto front-end