Getting There…

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After fiddling for hours with alternative themes, I am back with the original “Twenty Eleven”… I just wish I could tweak colours and border sizes but this is for tomorrow!!! I read a lot about child themes and I am ready to take that road! In the mean time, no more flickr gallery plugin but a complete Flickr […]

Simplicity and Elegance VS plugins nightmare

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As much as I am amazed and humbled by WordPress power and user friendliness, I feel like building a tower with unstable elements I have no control upon! Should I start reading and experimenting PHP or HTML 5 mysteries? Or should I keep downloading and activating multiple already written plugins that with luck will give my web […]

Wedding Day

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This has been a long time since I had a photo commission from a friend (that means ‘free’ by the way…) so I am preparing myself for a long evening in a place full of well dressed women and plenty of all suited gents! See you later this week-end for pictures samples of a night […]

WordPress magic moment

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As I suspected, life became quite easy once the server was up and running! thanks to one little plugin, all my work saved on Flick can be showcased here! One single line of “shortcode” and, here you are… so, go ahead, check the gallery…