The Shape Of Water

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I was never passionate about landscape photography. I do like a good or better… amazing photography of  a place but as a photographer, I always felt that whatever beautiful site was in front of me, it was also in front of thousands or even millions of other photographers who would do it more justice! I […]

Snow Day

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Now that spring is almost installed after a long cold and miserable winter, It’s time to get back to this special day when London was covered by snow. Luckily enough, the sun was also planing to visit on that day and allowed me to shoot few pictures at work before anyone had showed up. here […]

I Saw The Light…

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End of year holiday was once again an opportunity to spend time shooting different kind of pictures. Since I shoot kids in school most of the year, landscape would be a easy choice. I also wanted to try venturing in less known territories and decided to try unusual lighting conditions. First occasion was given by […]


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I spent way too much time investigating the flat earth community and the associated debunking articles and videos over the last few months and came across this rather clear and logical explanation of a “Superior Mirage”. I did not think at the time that I would be lucky enough to witness such a phenomenon with […]

Mystic River

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London would not be London without a river flowing through. We, Londoners, go through life crossing this vital waterway without thinking too much of it (or do not even cross it at all!!!). And believe me when I say crossing, I mean it – living in south London and working in Kentish Town gives me two […]

Trans’ Porter

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Ok, This tittle is a bit of a stretch! If you are familiar with this blog structure, you have noticed the attempt to link movie theme to my posts. This one though is a bit unusual. The purpose of this web existence has always been about photography but fortunately, one man does not exist with […]

Dog Wedding

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Viruses, as you probably experienced yourselves, strike at the worst time. So imagine my disappointment on a wedding shooting day when I wake up groggy and miserable. You cannot realistically call off the event, so filed up with king of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Paracetamol, I grab my gears and ride to the “Make up and Hair […]


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A very short lay-over does not give many oportunities to discover a big city like New York. We got started in Brooklyn (High Street station) and made our way to Battery Park by foot, crossing the East River on Brooklyn Bridge. Roads, cables and glass panels were all like lines, stretching in all directions. I […]

Wedding Crashers

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During our layover in New York city, we jumped right into a wedding photo-shoot. I had chosen to spend the day with my faithful Nikkor 85mm f1.8 that I cherish for my portraits, The occasion could not be missed and i shot few pics along the official photographer in the middle of Time Square!

City of God

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Since we spent more than 2 weeks on the best coastal landmarks of Brazil,, Rio was not going to be about sunbathing or endless walk on Copacabana or Ipanema beaches. The other reason for a completely different perspective was the accommodation we had chosen. In order to keep our stay on the cheap side, we […]