Land of the Blind

land of the blindBlind… this is how I feel right now! my faithful camera is out of commission! So much for keeping you all up to date with my Brazilian¬†photographic quest! The day was to be enjoyed as much as all of them for the last 2 weeks. A nice 2 hours trek in the untouched Atlantic forest that covers Ilha Grande (RJ Brazil) ending up on a Beach worth a postcard… The clever and courageous photographer would have gone back through the same trail but the lazy couple on vacation chose to use a Taxi Boat to make their way back to Abrao. The coxswain was not so much interested in his passengers dryness and the time spent on his little vessel drenched us down to our bags and belongings. That included my treasured D300, companion of multiple adventures. As soon as we were on dry land, I checked the condition of the body (supposed to be rain resistant) and it was working fine… hurrah!!!
few minutes latter, back in our room, the compact flash LED was blinking crazy so I took the card out (did not want some crazy erratic behaviour to wipe out the entire day worth of pictures!) and turn the body off… then charged the battery up… now, with everything back in place, the body won’t turn on… dead as a brick! 10mns reading online let me hope that some shorting (salt water) may have triggered a fail safe electronic “off state” that will only disappear through either Nikon engineer magic or the complete depletion of the inside clock battery (3 month autonomy!!!!). I guess that means I will not cover my nephew’s wedding after all and that the awaited D700 is closer than ever!!!

Since I owe you more post on already visited places you can still check the blog updates from time to time… at least in 3 month to confirm (or not) the resurrection of the lost D300!

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