The Grandfather

grandfatherWhat makes one go from handsome 47 years old husband (young hubby!) to an old ancestor? It goes without saying that at no time my fellings were considered in producing an extra life in this world of ours… lucky that I am cool and happy about it! My  oldest son is now a father and without one little warning or sign of ageing, I become a grandfather… the wife is now grandma, granny or any other silly name that sound like we are an almost retired couple…(I wish!!!). The good thing (or bad?) is we are still the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and in the other hemisphere… so we do not have to play the grand parents game yet! Soon enough I intend to be the cool (still young at heart) grandpa that will spoil the little guy rotten the same way MY grand dad did to me. I do have fond memories of my late grand father for he was more that the source of my spoil! he was way more than this, he gave me a certain perspective and approach to life and hope I’ll be as good to this new human being as he was for me… In the mean time, here is one grand father way more experienced than I am… something to aspire to…PAT_0800


At least, you know what the next subject of my portrait session back in London!!!

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