brazilShame on me for not blogging during my balineese trip two years ago… Starting even before we are gone to the airport may prevent from making the same mistake! So, here we are, hours before our journey across the pond, browsing through the web wealth of information, trying to get a preview of what awaits us in the southern hemisphere.
As a teaser, here is our planned itinerary: (plane tickets being non refundable, I guess that should end up as the actual one!)
Departure from London and flight to New York JFK in the afternoon
Night flight to Sao Paulo and short flight to Foz do Iguazu
4 nights there then Air transfer to Recife
1 night there then road transfer to Porto de Galinhas
11 nights there then back to Recife airport for an air transfer to Rio de Janeiro
1 night there then coach + ferry transfer to Ilha Grande
3 nights there then ferry transfer to Paraty
3 nights there then coach transfer to Rio (upper Copacabana pacified favella)
6 nights there then night flight to NY JFK
Discovery day in NY city before night flight to London

That is, for us (not much of adventurers), a very exiting program that I intend to illustrate with nice pictures of Brazilian life along with the classic shots of the most famous landmarks.

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