North by Northwest

north by
Summer is supposed to show up in a month time but the cold air blowing on the heath rather reminds of November. I stroll in Hampstead heath trying to work on my composition skills… by far my weakest ones! A grey sky gives me the opportunity to focus on the greeneries and the scars left by walking trails… lines, empty land and brave Londoners will be my material to cover today’s empty canvasses (a far too big 16Gb compact flash card!!!) Kids and adults seem to enjoy exercise but more importantly bring bursting colors in the monotonous hilly landscape. After spending time observing a bird of prey hunting in the grassy rough patches, I curse myself for not having a long range telephoto with me but soon realise there is still plenty to grab with larger creatures. One thing about London is that it never ceases to amaze me, even after 18 years in the city. Today, I encounter the bravest swimmers acting like we were on the Costa Del Sol in August. But… no we are still in North London and I could endure one more sweater under my winter coat! According to my diver experience, the water temp must be around 8 to 10 deg max and these guys still take the time to talk as they leave the chilly pond!

It’s now time to go to Camden Lock to keep filling that memory card of mine… the day is not over yet!