True Colors

As promised, after a winter black and white session lacking the uplift effect we all need at this time of year, here come the colorful spring spirit!

I had never tried tone on tone colour shoot before and wanted to give it a shot… Lighting was a bit overkill but my intention was to get a smooth background with minimal transitions and shadows. To achieve this, I had 2 strobes (200w/s at 1/8th) equipped with reflectors aiming at both side of the background, both feathered with v flat to avoid spill on the model. She was lit by a 120cm octobox (300w/s) slightly left camera and 2 bare flashes providing rim and hair lights (not needed …IMHO… post shooting!)

results are ok, but I would like to work again on the obvious transition floor / backdrop (perhaps with less feathering of the side back ground lights!)