On the beach

Despite being spent on the most meridional coast of continental Europe, winter solstice is not synonym of packed up beaches. If you chose to wake up early, you can even enjoy these sand pits bordering the Mediterranean sea without one soul to cross the path with.

As the Sun rise slowly, the winter tourists get out and start populating the shores. I could not refrain from posting here these overdressed dwellers of the coast as I was walking around in Jeans and tshirt.

Even with on a sunny day, sea temperature does not encourage approaching the water to closely. One could spend the afternoon fishing…

others would make the day of this minimalist shop owner… That’s only if they are interested in cheap useless china made plastic gadgets!

And if one cannot let go of social media, this place is a good alternative to a London park… more so at this time of year!

Did I forget the little ones? check out these three… trying to prove evolution from reptiles by crawling toward the surf like giant baby turtles!

The sun then goes down again bringing fantastic warm golden light, pleasuring the photographer and leading this young woman to meditation, and a couple to tender moments

Daylight is over… the last rays of our yellow dwarf star light up the sea with glitter.

time to go home … for a last picture, just before darkness engulfs the landscape until next morning.