Twelve Monkeys

Well, I say twelve but everyone knows that when traveling between the tropics, one encounters way more monkeys than this little 2 digits number!

Kids find them funny to watch, adults too, particularly if you decide to anthropomorphise them to a certain point! As I was reviewing the pictures taken from different locations in Sri Lanka, I could not stop trying to make sense of their attitudes should they be human and full of the same concerns agitating our society.

Look at this fellow. either contemplating a solitary life in the middle of the jungle or showing the tribe he is the leader of them all, not to be disturbed while he is planning ahead the whole specie survival or… better thriving!
Little I know about this individual but I kind of envied him (her?) being able to reach this local top of his world. Doing so on a bigger scale would probably help leaders of the human race to think more carefully how to play next!

Young ones are often those who initiate a change in society and this little guy was very keen to break the mold…

while the family looks one way, he does not! should we be inspired to seek alternatives in a world that seems to go nowhere?

If so, one sometimes needs a little help in finding the right direction, even if it means superimposing new concepts on the old ones!

Individuals may show a little scepticisme at first but should the reformer copy one of the free world leaders hair cut, no doubt masses will follow!

Thank you Donald for inspiring me first!