Paris with Love

I visited Paris several times when younger and never really cared about landmarks. I was then more focused on shopping movie theaters or visiting museums. The challenge was to spend one full day and cover as much ground as possible. I started Place de la Nation but it was more of a work site than a Parisian landmark so I walked toward Gare de Lyon to catch an hopefully empty Rue Cremieux.

I then walked my way toward Place des Vosges and the over photographed arched covered passageways.

that was such a hot day, it was a good opportunity to shoot people chilling on the grass

walking toward the river, I followed the north bank on the busy quays.

and crossed over to the islets harboring Notre Dame.

After a lunch near Saint Michel, I made it North toward Montmartre and walked up the north side…

to come down with the Sacré-Cœur in full view…

a short tube ride took me to le Bassin de la Villette where people converged to get their share of relief from the heat wave!

Walking away south took me to Le Park des Buttes Chaumont where you get a nice evening sight of the Sacré-Cœur … again…

tired, feet blistered… I ended the day with a good meal and a camera full of pictures… that’s only a fraction of what Paris has to offer… I’ll be back!