City of God

cityofgodSince we spent more than 2 weeks on the best coastal landmarks of Brazil,, Rio was not going to be about sunbathing or endless walk on Copacabana or Ipanema beaches. The other reason for a completely different perspective was the accommodation we had chosen. In order to keep our stay on the cheap side, we booked with Jacob, an airbnb member who lives in Ladeira dos Tabajaras y Morro dos Cabritos favelas ( officially, these are two distinct neighbourhood but they are on the same stretch of road). You can watch this video shot few month before the world cup,this is the place we ended in.



escaliersDespite booking a door to door transfer from our previous accommodation, we got dropped by “easy transfer” at the bottom of a stairway with 40kg of luggage! Lucky us, we found a taxi who took us to the precise address through the only road after 20 min drive. Let’s say that after this, we have been using this stairway everyday to get in and out of the favela. Safety in the favela was not an issue, we circulated around with our cameras and smartphones without anyone lurking at our properties! Word is, that in the favela no one steals from neighbours… should anyone break this rule, we were told that a death warrant could be ordered! I felt a lot safer there than in the main street at night! Running water, electricity and even internet are making their way to what is still called A SLUM by some! Let’s not forget that this area is pacified, other favelas are still a cradle for crime, drugs and violence but this fine example of neighbourhood evolution was inspiring.

This bellow is Rocinha, the largest favela in South AmericasmallPAT_1316

the following pictures are taken in and around Tabajaras favela

Flood alert system to warn people before landslides occur
Rio is full of fantastic street art

smallPAT_1318 smallPAT_1468 smallPAT_1469 smallPAT_1470 smallPAT_1471 smallPAT_1473 smallPAT_1509 smallPAT_1515Want to read more Brazil stories in the favela, check this blog

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