Trans’ Porter

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Ok, This tittle is a bit of a stretch! If you are familiar with this blog structure, you have noticed the attempt to link movie theme to my posts. This one though is a bit unusual. The purpose of this web existence has always been about photography but fortunately, one man does not exist with […]

Land of the Blind

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Blind… this is how I feel right now! my faithful camera is out of commission! So much for keeping you all up to date with my Brazilian photographic quest! The day was to be enjoyed as much as all of them for the last 2 weeks. A nice 2 hours trek in the untouched Atlantic forest […]

The Grandfather

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What makes one go from handsome 47 years old husband (young hubby!) to an old ancestor? It goes without saying that at no time my fellings were considered in producing an extra life in this world of ours… lucky that I am cool and happy about it! My  oldest son is now a father and […]

Le Salaire de la Peur

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19:30 local time, first time ever on Uncle Sam’s land of endless possibilities (I quote all the boys and girls here on our old continent dreading to obtain a green card and be part of the dream). The sun is low on horizon and the New York signature skyscrapers are drenched by the golden light […]


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As I was trying to cure this very same blog from a corrupted index file ( by the way, I know this now but was completly puzzled for 2 days!) I manage to completely wipe out the main “” web site! Well done to me…What about backups? Surely was I completely in control… hmmm…NO.. all […]

Polling station @ CFBL

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For the first time of its history, CFBL was part of the democratic process in becoming a gathering point for thousand of French electors. Early birds made it quick to the 6 polling stations but queuing started outside the premises from midday. Rain invited itself but did not discouraged the frogs from their civic duty! […]

Joomla! Vs WordPress

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So many people wrote about it… I decided I would try one, then the other. It”s all about real needs, and as long as blogging is all you do WordPress is top notch but as soon as you want to enjoy eye candy slideshows or drop down menus, Joomla! has got it all in the […]