The Wild One

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My summer experiment with stars and nocturnal skies awoke my desire to acquire an extra wide lens with large aperture. The now well known Samyang 14mm f 2.8 fits the criteria and despite not featuring an auto-focus, is praised for its sharpness and overall quality. One thing is to get the tool another is to […]

Snow Day

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Now that spring is almost installed after a long cold and miserable winter, It’s time to get back to this special day when London was covered by snow. Luckily enough, the sun was also planing to visit on that day and allowed me to shoot few pictures at work before anyone had showed up. here […]

I Saw The Light…

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End of year holiday was once again an opportunity to spend time shooting different kind of pictures. Since I shoot kids in school most of the year, landscape would be a easy choice. I also wanted to try venturing in less known territories and decided to try unusual lighting conditions. First occasion was given by […]

Mystic River

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London would not be London without a river flowing through. We, Londoners, go through life crossing this vital waterway without thinking too much of it (or do not even cross it at all!!!). And believe me when I say crossing, I mean it – living in south London and working in Kentish Town gives me two […]

Dog Wedding

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Viruses, as you probably experienced yourselves, strike at the worst time. So imagine my disappointment on a wedding shooting day when I wake up groggy and miserable. You cannot realistically call off the event, so filed up with king of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Paracetamol, I grab my gears and ride to the “Make up and Hair […]

Stave Hill Ecological Park

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How can you live 5 mn away from a nature treasure for 10 years? And, how lucky was I to eventually discover this South London gem? I cannot really answer either of these questions but, instead share this fresh knowledge. All Londoners know about “the largest Sport Supermarket” in Canada Water, locals would also know about the […]

North by Northwest

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Summer is supposed to show up in a month time but the cold air blowing on the heath rather reminds of November. I stroll in Hampstead heath trying to work on my composition skills… by far my weakest ones! A grey sky gives me the opportunity to focus on the greeneries and the scars left […]