Being Human

humanTravel brochures advertise their destinations through their landscapes rather than their inhabitants. When I travel, I want the human experience, meet people, understand the way they choose to live and why they do so. This was on the wrong side of my “pro / con” sheet when contemplating a visit in Brazil, because the best way to get close to a human being is to interact with him and language barrier was going to be a real pain in the neck! I do not speak Portuguese nor do the common people of this country speak English. Of course, you end up meeting a guy who speaks enough to get you out of trouble or to guide you through the basics of life but you wish you could start a discussion with this fisherman, ask this woman what she cooks or enquire why this kid is not in school today…I met nice and very useful people along our journey but this is the other ones that I have chosen to show you; people that I could have spoken to if I had taken the time to learn the local language… next time… promise, I will!









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