Escala en Tenerife


I am not going to bother you with this 1964 movie that no one knew existed but since I come back from this lovely island I thought I would share few things with you…

First, it’s hot… scorching in the south and just…. well… hot… in the north!

If you are interested in improving your Spanish, expect to be put off balance, they speak a funny spanish, removing all the “s” they could so they would go for “gracia” instead of “Gracias”… well, you get the point!

food there is cheap but favor small hidden places in back streets as they are usually better value even if we had a delightful  meal near the old harbour in Puerto de la Cruz. Try the steamed potatoes with mojo sauces (green and red) and go for the local fishes (grouper and octopus were my best meals there)

If you read French, you’ll find out about my dives there on my main web site and, if not, let’s say it’s ok (but not red sea or maldives ok) i dived with Ecosub, nice easy going little team.

I guess not everyone is a Diver… so… what to do there? do not miss the caldera and “new” volcano “El Teide” 3700m above see level (it could be a bit chilly there if you keep only your “low level” attire! was 30 C on the beach and 8 C on the top!!! For water fun enthusiasts, take a twin ticket for both “Loro Parque” and “Siam Park“, the first is a very nice zoo with “Marine land” style shows featuring dolphins, orcas and sea lions… the second is in the south and will keep you busy for a day with water slides of all kinds as well as the highest artificial wave in the world (or so they say!!!!)

We discovered a Tapas style fast food (do not expect high quality food but not worse than a KFC or a Burger king!) that will provide you with a descent lunch for few euros (if you go there on Wednesday or Sunday, everything goes at 1 euro… and that include the pint of Cerveza!!!)

Nice 10 days away from London and the games… I would probably go again in spring instead as the heat was really killing me!