ESOL Skills for Life Entry Level 3 (B1)/Level 1(B2)

Course Details

This qualification is an English Language test. B1 is equivalent to ESOL Entry 3 and B2 is equivalent to Level 1.

The purpose of the Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Entry 3) / Level

1 Certificate in ESOL International is to provide a reliable and easy to deliver English language test. This will enable organizations to ascertain the English language ability of their learners and/or employees to make decisions about recruitment, workforce development for the purpose of education or employment progression. The qualifications will allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities to communicate in English and are intended for

  • Non-native speakers of English worldwide
  • young people or adults attending an English course either in the UK or overseas
  • people needing English for their everyday or working life
  • learners who require externally recognized certification of their levels in English
  • those who require a series of graded examinations to provide steps up in the ladder of proficiency
  • Learners attending short courses in English.

The qualification recognizes that native and second language speakers do not display uniform, flat language, and communication skills profiles which correspond exactly with levelled learning and assessment frameworks. For this reason, the assessment measures five language components, each of which is assessed separately

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The assessment is structured so that all candidates can demonstrate their English language skills up to the highest level at which they are operating. The qualification also recognizes that language speakers who operate at higher levels do not just use those language skills specified by assessment frameworks at the corresponding level but also fluently use those skills specified for the levels above. Candidates must achieve a certain standard across all components in order to achieve a B1 (Entry 3) or B2 (Level 1) qualification.

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