Review: Les Mills on demand

I struggle to exercise. Classes aren’t at convenient times, swimming gets my hair wet, and I can’t even shuffle let alone run. I’ve been trying out Les Mills On Demand as an alternative. My background in exercise is flaky, to be mild! I walk my labradoodle Darla regularly, which is more than I did a […]

Income report #4 July 2018

My monthly income reports work alongside my blog on teaching and literature at, where I do most of my day to day blogging. My goal this year is to earn £51,000 pre-tax, which includes my teaching income and £12,000 from writing. I wrote in the first one why I think that genuine business-blogging income reports […]

A story a week – week #2

Barely even a paragraph this week. Between revisions for a revision guide (hah!), my sister’s hen party all weekend and mania at work, this was all I managed. And that was during a Y9 creative writing lesson too.   Moral of the story: If you want to get something written, you need to schedule time […]

A story a week – week #1

Dan and I have started a challenge. Create one thing a week (story or game) and post on a Sunday, with as little further explanation as we can bear! I didn’t spend enough time this week so it’s unfinished.   Untitled: Story #1 The entrance was hidden on a small side street, a little way […]

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