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I struggle to exercise. Classes aren’t at convenient times, swimming gets my hair wet, and I can’t even shuffle let alone run. I’ve been trying out Les Mills On Demand as an alternative.

My background in exercise is flaky, to be mild! I walk my labradoodle Darla regularly, which is more than I did a year ago, but it’s not always exactly energetic – for me, anyway. I mean, I’m moving around more which is good, but it doesn’t always get my heart rate going. I’ve always enjoyed fitness classes, and one of my favourites was Body Pump which I first did at uni in Manchester. I’ve tried loads – bums and tums, aerobics, yoga, zumba, clubbercise. I liked the weights of body pump and the power of it – plus the ability to see results as you could up the weight quite quickly at the beginning. Other classes are fun but I do find that seeing progress is sometimes difficult, and harder to quantify. You feel like you’re more coordinated / stretchy / fitter, but it’s not as easy as “now I can lift double!”

I’m also quite lazy about actually going to classes. Once I go I enjoy, but they tend to start around 7pm when, to be honest, I’m settling into my cosy home. So personally, the timing works against me. Sure, I could be more motivated – who couldn’t? – but I investigated at-home options instead. Again, I’ve got a rack of DVDs from Davina to Jillian Michaels, but haven’t really stuck at anything.


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Les Mills on Demand is what I’m doing at the moment. The subscription’s £9.99 (monthly, no contract) which is an absolute bargain – a local class for Body Pump costs £5.15. I watch via xbox, but it’s on the app store, google play, Amazon fire and google chromecast (for starters) For your subscription, you get access to all their programmes which is a pretty hefty list! as well as body pump and body combat (using mixed martial arts) there’s body balance focusing on yoga and pilates, sh’Bam which i

s dance-based, Barre using ballet to work muscles and core, and several others. Each programme’s regularly updated with new workouts and there’s already 70+ on there for their established programmes, so you’d have to be mega-intense to get through all the content. There’s also lots of extra stuff online including scheduled programmes of workouts, guidance on nutrition etc.

I’m getting my money’s worth at the moment. My fitbit reckons I burn about 500 cals/hour, which is great. I’ve really enjoyed pump and combat, and am going to give barre and sh’bam a try, as well as possibly their 9=week schedule which is a mixture of classes. It’s easy to set up and subscribe, and fun to do – something I might actually keep up with!

What are your tips for keeping up with a workout programme? Would love to hear some ideas!

More info: Les Mills on Demand


  • At home, on demand workouts
  • Cheap
  • Very little equipment (and always obvious before starting) – I have a £30 set of weights for body pump from Argos and I’m done.
  • 30 or 55 minutes for most workouts
  • Great tutorials including separate ‘get to know the moves’ videos if you need a bit more support
  • instructors dial up and down the intensity; it’s always clear what you should be doing and how to make it easier or harder.
  • Instructors who look like they work out! Which, I don’t know about you, but I often find gym instructors simply look thinner, not particularly strong.


  • The camera work / music might not suit taste – if you’re having trouble catching a move you have to rewind
  • Needs decent speed internet and a decent tv to follow.
  • Doesn’t have the camaraderie of classes – self-motivating
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