Income report #4 July 2018

My monthly income reports work alongside my blog on teaching and literature at, where I do most of my day to day blogging. My goal this year is to earn £51,000 pre-tax, which includes my teaching income and £12,000 from writing. I wrote in the first one why I think that genuine business-blogging income reports

This month: 


Amazon:                       £146.92

Payhip:                          £17.00

Teaching:                       £3238.81

Total:    £3402.73

£3.15 over target



Dropbox                     £            7.99             I host resources to adapt, to add value to people reading my books

Paypal fees                 £           3.36             ]To sell from my website

Payhip fees                 £            1.18              ]

Subscriptions              £          2.50



I expect significant slow-down in the summer months – people at school are on holiday so not buying!! My budget reflects that, and I use July/August to recuperate from a long academic year, get ahead for 2018-19 at school – and write, so that I’m refreshed and ready for September.

I’m pleased that this year sales haven’t dropped off completely and the fact I’ve met my target this month (which I thought was ambitious) is fantastic.


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