Summer time and the living is…being made, sort of. Income report #3 June 2018

Recap time! My first income report – here – explained why I think it’s a great idea for the blogging and writing communities to start being really upfront about money. Nobody really likes talking about it, but we all really, really want to know how that beauty blogger is making a living or whether that writer’s simply just living at home for free (both valid options, btw, but it’s often another example of putting your highlight reel on Insta by seeming like you’re making a living but not a penny coming in).

The goal

Earn £51,000 pre-tax, which includes my teaching income and £12,000 from writing.

The year so far:



Amazon:                       £206.53

Payhip:                          £45.00

Teaching:                       £3251.30

Total:    £3502.83

£146.75 under target

It was always going to be a slower month. My self-published revision guides are primarily A-Level based, and the A-Level exams finished by 12th June, so I expected income to drop off. But that’s the nature of it. It’ll pick up again in September. I’m actually surprised (mid July as I write) that it’s not disappeared entirely but I think it’s mainly teachers prepping for classes at the moment.

I worked hard in June on the first drafts for the two revision guides I’m writing for Harper Collins, which are still underway but should be finished over the summer. And I’m waaaay behind in looking for other projects or catching up on blogging so one of my goals is to sit down with my journal and figure out what I want to do business wise over the school summer holidays.


Dropbox                     £            7.99             I host resources to adapt, to add value to people reading my books

Paypal fees                 £           3.36             ]To sell from my website

Payhip fees                 £            2.28              ]

Subscriptions              £          2.50

Web hosting                 £          15.59            Annual payment for domain name


Leaving me with a total profit pre-tax of £3454.09

Currently, I’m about £175 under where i wanted to be by now but I think my goal’s pretty ambitious so I’m really happy with that at the moment!

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