Time tracking- keep on track and improve productivity

Time tracking is hard!! It sound so very simple, and I wrote about it here with a free tracker to download.

I’ve done it before, but this week I just hardly kept up with it at all. Maybe I could take the easy route and say I was too busy to track my time but actually I know that when I feel like that is when I need to do it most!

I’m going to try again this week with the same tracker, but set aside a couple of minutes a few times a day to deliberately record. It’s a bit different at work at the moment, because exam classes have gone so I have more space on my timetable for long term planning towards September, and I’m out two days this week at training courses. But the home stuff, too, needs a bit more attention.

 This is one day from this week – pretty much everything accounted for! But what this already suggests is not enough time spent on writing / business stuff this week. I no longer have the big book project, but have been having a bit of a break and need to think what’s next.

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