She works hard for the money. Income report #2 May 2018

Ok, a quick recap. The first income report – here – explains why I’m laying this all bare. I think it’s important to talk about money. It’s a feminist issue, it helps us all.

Also, I’ve been around the blogging / writing / thinking online community for a while now and it seems to me that there’s lots and lots of people talking about how to run a successful business but that definition of successful is elusive.

Of course it means something different to different people. But for me you have to pay the bills – whatever those are for you, again YMMV – and if you’re not, it’s not successful. It’s a fab that you have someone to look after you but financial independence is so, so important.

The goal

Earn £51,000 pre-tax, which includes my teaching income and £12,000 from writing.

The year so far:



Amazon:                       £409.40

Payhip:                          £145.00

Harper Collins:              £200000

Teaching:                       £3253.02

Total:    £5807.42

£7.84 under target

The Harper Collins payment is the first instalment for two revision guides I’m writing at the moment for GCSE Literature. There’s another due later in the year, probably around August, when those go to print. Those are the only non-self-published books I have scheduled at the moment, so I need to be filling that time now with a new project.


Dropbox                     £            7.99             I host resources to adapt, to add value to people reading my books

Paypal fees                 £           10.07             ]To sell from my website

Payhip fees                 £            7.25              ]

Subscriptions              £          76.20             Membership to Lisa Jacobs’ Luminaries club on trial basis

Resources                   £             6.22             Paperback copy of a self-published book for proofing.


Leaving me with a total profit pre-tax of £5,720.94


I’ve worked really hard this month too. The revision guides get peer reviewed, which is great because it means they’re good, but one came back with a LOT more than I’d been expecting, and i was still trying to get the second one finished. I’ve done  a few long days!

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