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Out Now! Virtual Deviation 4

Despite the warnings of danger, Neil and his party of leggy girls set out to explore the Port & City. To search for a way off the island and start their real journey home.

But evil forces stand ready to stop him and the girls before they even start.

And all the while those watching from elsewhere are taking an ever-keener interest in Neil and his growing harem.

Virtual deviation Game litrpg
Part 4 of Virtual Deviation Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy – Out Now!

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Coming Friday 18th Feb – Virtual Deviation 4

The Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy first level finale as Neil and his budding harem set up base in a new location . But now they’re a whole lot closer to a dungeon of danger in their new virtual world...

Virtual Deviation 4: Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy – Available Friday 18th Feb 2022

Out Now! Part 3 of Virtual Deviation

Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy, and a life reset in a new virtual world is never without ever-tougher challenges.

And even though Neil still has no idea who or what caused the apocalypse, it seems that he may be being watched from outside the evil system.

One fact he does know for sure though. It will be left to him to get his whole party to fight and level up together. All of them must make more progression and fast.

Not only that. Neil must decide how many hot women he can manage in his life at any one time. How big a harem can he handle, protect and keep happy?

Part 3 of the Four Part Virtual Deviation Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy

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Coming Fri. 14th Jan. ’22

A life reset in an apocalyptic, virtual world is about to get a whole lot worse as Neil tries to lead his party and budding harem home..

Virtual Deviation 3 – Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy

Book 3 in the Four Part Novella series out this coming Friday 14th January. Exclusively on Amazon Worldwide.

Out Now: Virtual Deviation Pt. 2

First 36 hours of the apocalypse completed. How much worse can a life reset alongside your ex and her hostile new boyfriend get?

Neil and his small party have survived the initial cull on the vacation island. They’ve made enough early progression to fight off the first wave of mutated creatures. And to keep other out of control survivors at bay.

But even that wasn’t enough leveling up to save the life of one of their party. And they’ve been warned that the dangers of this new life will only increase.

Now, there’s more trouble brewing too for Neil. In the shape of the hot, leggy girls of his budding harem. Because jealousy can be tough to deal with. And there’s only so much of Neil to go around.

So to continue to survive in this new virtual world, Neil will have to bring the members of his party together. Including the beautiful women. All fight harder to level up. Make progression faster or die.

Can Neil work out how to do all this and maybe even find out who or what created and controls this seemingly evil new system? Whether it covers the whole of planet earth or just their little island?

Gamelit LitRPG Apocoalypse Harem Fantasy

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Coming 14th Dec. – Virtual Deviation 2.

As if an Apocalyptic event wasn’t bad enough. Now in the second Gamelit LitRPG novella of the series there are monstrous developments for Neil. And complications with his budding harem in a new, virtual world. Fight like never before to level up . Make progression faster or die...

Part 2 of the Gamelit LitRPG Series Coming 14th December 2021

Out Now: Virtual Deviation

# 1 New Release! – ‘Computer Simulation’ on Amazon

Book 1 of the 4 Part ‘Virtual Deviation’ Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Series.

After a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend, a vacation on a quiet Island is supposed to help Neil recover and relax.

But without warning he finds his whole life reset. It’s either an apocalypse across the whole of planet earth, or some kind of new, evil system. And to complicate matters, now he’s surrounded by hot, leggy girls.

So to survive in this new virtual world, Neil will have to fight to level up. Make progression fast or die.

All that, and keep a party of beautiful women happy. Not to mention keep them alive.

Has Neil got what it takes to build a new life and ultimately even his own harem kingdom?

Includes adult activities and unconventional relationships. …

Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Novella

Out Now: The Strangest Lot

Maybe what Alex discovers in the abandoned auction lot has something to with the occult. A strange, ‘shared dream machine’. But maybe it’s more. Maybe it really is some kind of time travel portal to an alternate dimension…

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